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Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Race Day

Tragedy in Boston today.  Two explosions rocked the finish line. It could not happen in a worse place.  The area is lined with bleachers.  I talked to a runner that was .10 from the finish. She saw a trash can explode.

Reports of two dead.  I am staying right next to Mass Gen hospital where they are taking victims.  Sirens are everywhere.

We heard about the explosion when we were at mile 23. I was running with Cheryl Monnat. She had her cell and it kept going off. Everyone was concerned about us.

We continued on not knowing if the reports were true.  More messages asking if we were ok.

We were told at mile 25.5 that the race was over and were directed to Commonweatlth Avenue.
Their were sirens everywhere. Roads were cleared as we ran to allow entry of emergency vehicles.

It was mass confusion trying to find the buses with our luggage.

The day was going well and I was running strong. That is nothing compared to the tragedy for the city of Boston.  The crowd support was so incredible.  This is one of the friendliest cities I have ever visited.  My heart bleeds for this city and this event.

I changed guides at mile 13. Guide Cheryl Monnat could only get to mile 16 and had to run back to 13.  We had to wait over 10 minutes and them some time to change over. Her fiance Robert was a bit upset. I kept saying it's ok. This day was about having fun.  That 10-15 minutes kept us farther away from the explosion. We heard about it at mile 24.  I would have been fairly close in another 15 minjutes

Police are asking people to stay home. The hockey game tonight is cancelled.

What will I remember from today?  Not that I did not finish.

I remember all the little kids so eager to give me high fives. I don't know if they were more excited or I was. I will remember the students of Boston College on the Golden Mile. So many high fives. I will remember the woman of Wellesley. They love to play with the crowd.  When I told them they rocked, they cheered louder and provided a needed boost.

So many little kids handing out cups of water and oranges.
I will remember a little boy not more than 5 that held a single gummy bear in his hand. As I passed he turned to his dad and said "she took my gummy bear" I almost cried it was so sweet and innocent.  He treated me like I was an elite runner. Well so did everyone in the crowd

I will remember the generous spirit of the people of Boston both before and during the run.  The people of Boston make this a wonderful event. I am so sad it was marred in this way. But I think the people of Boston will bounce back strong. I can't want to see it for myself.

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