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Friday, July 22, 2016

HNF Patient Conference- Featured Speaker

Patient-Centered Charcot-Marie-Tooth Summit Agenda Highlight

Florian P Thomas, MD, MA, PhD, MS; Chairman, Neuroscience Institute, and Director, Hereditary Neuropathy Center, Hackensack University Medical Center
Dr. Thomas says that the squeaky wheel gets the grease -->
"The art of being a successful patient is to know how to get on your doctor’s nerves and feel good about it."

The Chair of HNF Centers of Excellence speaks out on knowledge gaps among health care professionals, how to identify providers that are well versed in CMT, what patients should expect from their providers, and how they can advocate for themselves or loved ones.
Don't miss this very important discussion at our Summit. Come join Dr. Thomas and learn how to get under your doctor's skin!
Register today!

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