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Monday, April 18, 2011

Thoughts on Boston

Kenyan Geoffrey Mutai won the Boston Marathon today in a time of 2 hr and 3 minutes. The fastest any marathon has ever been run. My fastest time for the marathon was 4 hrs in 1996. My current projected time is 4:40. I am 40 minutes slower due to the loss of muscle strength from my CMT.

At his current pace Mutai could do the marathon twice and still have time for a shower after.  Next year when Mutai defends his title I plan to run Boston.

To run Boston you must "qualify" by meeting a time standard for your age group.  The time standard for women in my age group is 4:05.  I am on week 13 of an 18 week training program for my qualifying race in Madison Wisconsin on May 29th.  I have one shot to prove myself and unless a miracle happens I won't make the time standard.

There is still hope because the Boston Marathon has a divison for "mobility impaired" athletes.  I may qualify because of my CMT.  It certainly impairs my ability to make the time standard and I am losing speed as the disease progresses.  Still I feel lucky to even be running much less attempting the marathon distance. As a mobility impaired athlete I have to prove I can complete the distance in 6 hours.
I have one shot to prove to the Boston Athletic Association I can cover the marathon distance. Madison on May 29th is my one shot.

I 've trained hard but I can't be certain what will happen on race day since I haven't done a marathon in 7 years.  The CMT cause challenges with my running gait.  My first marathon my feet were so blistered I bled thourgh my shoes. I can't be certain if I can deal with the pain that will come the deeper I go into the race.

Why do I do it?  Because of the challenge. Running a marathon is physical, but it is mental as well. Can I meet the challenge to discipline my mind as well as my body? Can I will myself to go on when my body is willing but my mind says no? Can I push through the discomfort?  Am I strong enough?

Finishing is the absolute best feeling in the world. When you finish you feel as if there is not a thing in the world you can't do. The success carries into your entire life. It is amazing how much you can do when the word quit is not in your vocabulary.

Why Boston?  Boston is the Super Bowl of running events.  The 30,000 slots for this year's race sold out in less than 24 hours. It is on the "bucket list" of any serious runner. It is the oldest marathon with the grandest tradition. It is the only marathon with a time standard.  To run Boston is a crowning achievement for any runner's career. What drives me is the visability and awareness I can bring for CMT. I plan to use my Boston run to raise awareness thoughout my training and Boston run. I plan on having Team CMT at the event. Watch for us. We will see you at the finish line!

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