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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Team CMT Members run Philadelphia Events

Congradulations to Team CMT members Jude Burton and Charlie Norris. Jude finished the half marathon in 2:49 and Charlie ran the marathon in 4:06.  Both did well in this sold out event and raised a lot of awareness for CMT.   There were 9408 finishers in the half. I don't know the numbers yet for the full marathon.

Also pictured in Michael Falcone. Michael is Charlie's nephew and has CMT. Micheal is also on Team CMT an plays football. Charile used this event to raise money for the CMTA.

I often wonder if we are making a difference. Then this week I read a story in the book "Anyways" about a man who lived in southeastern France in the early 20th century.  He lived along in a barren area that had once had a great forest with it’s own villages.  His life was simple. He went out every day and planted trees.  Year after year for decades he planted trees.  The trees grew into a forest. The forest held the soil attracting other plants, then birds and animals.  Families returned and homes were built.  By the end of the man’s lifetime he had transformed the entire region.

I think that's what we're doing for CMT. Race by race, event by event we're raising awareness and money.  We may make changes in ways we'll never know.  Someone once made a donation to Children's Hospital in Philadelphia. Children's hospital paid for the genetic test that diagnosed my niece. Because of her diagnosis I discovered my own CMT.  Because of my diagnosis and started Team CMT. Charlie told me he is a doer, well so am I and so is everyone on Team CMT.  Jude and Charlie you did good work today.  I am so proud of you. We are all doing good work. I am so proud of all of you!

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