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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Team CMT Celebrates Thanksgiving

"It's easy to make a buck, It's tougher to make a difference."- Tom Brokaw

Di Billick of Indiana

Team CMT members spent Thanksgiving doing what we do best....having fun, racing and raising awareness.
Many team members across the country spent part of their day on the race course at Turkey Trots all over the country. Di Billick did a 5 K in a little over 46 minutes. Thanks Di for sharing your picture and for running for Team CMT. You look like you had a great time!

Kevin Klein Milwaukee 
Milwaukee member Kevin Klein ran the Drumstick 5 K at  State Fair Park. This was the first year for the race. It was a fundraiser for a local food pantry and drew 2300 runners and walkers. The race included a lap around the Milwaukee Mile race track. They had great weather too, mid morning temps were in the high 40's and by lunch time we were at 60F here in Milwaukee.  Kevin also got his two teenage kids to run as well. Both are cross country athletes. I  was supposed to do this race, but was under doctors orders to not even walk.  I did not want to go and watch because I wanted so much to be out there racing.  Two more days  and I am cleared to start running.

Brand new Team CMT member Chris Steinke of Appleton was also racing in Appleton.  Dawn Fritzell was in the same race and finished in 41:15, so I don't know if he is a friend  or just saw her Team CMT singlet.  Chris is the guy in the glasses and baseball cap. He is a long distance runner and I look forward to having him on the team. Dawn does this race every year and doesn't start her Thanksgiving cooking until she is done running. Sounds like a good tradition to me.  Thanks Dawn for representing Team CMT part of your Thanksgiving tradition as well.

I know some of the Richmond team members also raced.  No pictures or race results.

Last but not one of our newest and youngest members Brooke O'Connor raced with mom Alyson. Seven year old Brook and her mom ran the Turkey Trot in Longview, Washingon. Brooke covered the 3.5 mile distance in 55 minutes.  She and her mom are also doing the Hot Buttered Rum Run next week. They are going to be wearing holiday running skirts made by Alyson.  Good luck guys, can't wait to see the pictures and hear all about it.   Brooke you are an example for all of us. I think it is great you and your mom share a love of running and raising awareness for Team CMT!

Chris Wodke
Founder & Manager Team CMT

Team CMT is a group of athletes and supporters working to raise awareness and to find a cure for CMT. We have almost 100 members in 17 states. If you wish to join us visit our web site.

CMT or Charcot-Marie-Tooth is the most commonly inherited peripheral neuropathy. It affects over 155,000 Americans (as many as MS).  It is a disease of the nerves that control the muscles. It is slowly progressive, causing loss of normal function and or sensation in the lower legs/feet and arms/hands.

Symptoms include; muscle wasting in the lower legs and feet leading to foot drop, poor balance and gait problems Atrophy in the hands causes difficulty with manual dexterity.

Structural foot deformities such as high arches and hammer toes are common.

Poor tolerance for cool or cold temperatures and many people have chronically cold hands and feet.

Additional symptoms may include fatigue, sleep apnea, breathing difficulties and hearing loss.

Thanks to everyone that has been racing for Team CMT this season. With the addition of Chris we now have 108 members in 24 states.  It seems like a simple thing to wear a shirt in an event, but it is so important to raise awareness of this condition. I am so proud of everyone on this team, especially the athletes battling this condition. Your courage and determination to remain active inspire me. You are role models for the CMT community!

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