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Monday, January 26, 2015

Team CMT Takes on the Bermuda Triple Challenge

Today we have a guest blog from running coach and Team CMT member Bill Morgan. Bill and Liz recently ran three races back to back in Bermuda for Team CMT. 
Bill and Liz Morgan in Bermuda

"Let us run the risk of wearing out, rather than rusting out."- Teddy Rooseveldt

Our first race as Team CMT members was the Bermuda Triangle Triple Challenge. It was held in Hamilton, Bermuda on January 16, 17 and 18th, 2015. 

The race consisted of three series, a one mile run on Friday night followed by a 10K on Saturday morning and finishing with a Half Marathon on Sunday morning. The course was absolutely beautiful but very challenging.  Bermuda is very hilly!

The one mile race on Friday night was exciting to participate in as it is the “Bermuda Invitation Mile” and we had the pleasure to see world class runners compete.  What a great way to start our visit to Bermuda!

The 10K on Saturday morning took us through the interior of Bermuda and gave us the opportunity to see the landscape of this beautiful island. We had heard Bermuda was hilly but we were not expecting what this course held for us. The constant uphill/downhill made this one of the hardest 10K’s we have ever run! After finishing and enjoying the rest of the day exploring Bermuda, we prepared for the Half Marathon the next morning.

The Half Marathon on Sunday took us around the perimeter of the island where we were treated to breathtaking views of the beaches and shoreline. This course was also very hilly but we were prepared for it and had a great race. Liz accomplished a Half Marathon PR!!

The people of Bermuda love running and lined all the courses cheering and encouraging all the runners. I can’t count the number of times someone yelled “Go Team CMT!” when they saw my Team CMT shirt.  

At the finish celebration I had lots of questions from other runners and friends asking what Team CMT is.  
Most of my friends have known that I have some type of neuropathy but had never heard of CMT, so having the opportunity to explain what CMT is and how it affects those with it was a good feeling for me.  

My CMT is not at a severe stage.  I have constant numbness in my feet and toes and regular pain and cramping in my calves.  I know that regular stretching and running is the best therapy for my condition.  I am fortunate to be able to continue running and I am proud to wear my Team CMT shirt.  Hopefully this small thing will help raise awareness of this disease and someday find a cure for those not able to run.

Bill & Liz Morgan

Thanks guys, you and other Team CMT members are making a difference raising awareness all over the world. Do not think for a minute that your work to raise awareness is not making a difference. We are very close to treatment,perhaps later this year.  A few weeks ago the HNF announced a succeesful trail of a combination of currently approved drugs to treat CMT 1A. The money and awareness raised by this team have helped in this effort. Thank you to Bill and Liz and everyone on this team that is working so hard.

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