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Friday, September 4, 2015

Show Your Hands, CMT Awareness Project

The Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation is continuing their popular Text2Give campaign this year with the theme “Show Your Hands.”

Everyday tasks such as holding a coffee cup, opening a gas cap, and buttoning a shirt can be challenging, and in some cases, impossible for those affected with CMT. Because there are different types of CMT, hand symptoms can also vary from patient to patient. People with CMT may experience the following hands signs and symptoms:

Contractures and bone deformities: This can “lock” the fingers in a flexed position, limiting normal range of motion.
Muscle weakness: Progressive loss of hand control.
Sensory loss: Sense of touch and temperature is diminished. CMT patients may experience cold hands, tingling, burning, and/or dry skin.

You can show your support for those living with CMT by participating in our Text2Give social media campaign.

Here’s how!
Text CMT to 501501 to donate $10.
Snap a picture of your hands with your mobile device.
Share your picture on any social media platform #ShowYourHandsCMT.
Share/tag your friends Text CMT to 501501 to donate.

You can also help spread the word by updating your Facebook cover photo or Twitter header photo with our #ShowYourHandsCMT banner

Together, let’s join hands and find a treatment and a cure for CMT hands!

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