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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boston Week 6- Expo 10K Race

Expo Run- Kathy Stultz, Robert Kearney, Cheryl Monnat, Chris Wodke

" Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far they can go." T.S. Elliot

Week 6 was one of my easy weeks of training. Every three weeks the mileage is cut back to give your body a chance to rest and recharge. I needed it.  Instead of a long run this week, the training plan called for a 10 K race and I joined Team CMT members at the RACC Winter Series 10K expo run.

It was a snowy and windy day.  The race organizers did a good job of clearing off the bike path.  The starting temp was around 27F but the brisk wind made it feel much colder. We started off into that wind. I asked Cheryl after the race if she ever has thoughts about turning back in a race or bailing at the half way point. I know I did for a brief time.  She said she did that day which made me feel a bit better.

Last year this course was two loops. The 5 K runners did one loop and the 10 K runners two. It is tough to see them all finishing and know you have to run the same course all over again. Plus this run has a wooden bridge about a mile into the course you go over twice (4 times if they run two loops). With all the runners going across, that bridge really bounces and it feels pretty weird if you aren't in sync, which I wasn't.  All in all it was a good way to end my rest week. 

I got to talk with Kathy Stultz before the race. She and her son Lincoln are racing for her daughter Regan.  Lincoln was away at drills. Lincoln we missed you.  We are all running we those like Reagan affected with CMT. It reminds me why I started this team and why I am running the Boston Marathon this April.

Well Team CMT did pretty well. Cheryl took first place in her age group. Team CMT member Kim Petak running for Performance Outfitters won her age group. I took 8th place. Not sure how Kathy did, but she finished ahead of me, so she may have medaled as well.  Team CMT member Kevin Klein was also busy this weekend competing in a local triathlon.

After the run we got to go through the expo and check out clothes, potential races and lots of fancy bikes. I saw a wonderful Trek Madone 5.9 racing bike I would love to have.  Gotta start saving for that.

Even though it was an easy week, I was exhausted by Sunday night and was in bed by 6:30. Sometimes the CMT really wipes me out.

Back to the hard training this week. I have a 8 mile tempo run, a 18 mile long run, speed work and a hour and a half pool run this week. That is in addition to cross training, weight lifting and a ski patrol duty shift on Saturday night.  I took my one rest day this week on Monday because honestly I was too exhausted to work out.  No excuses the rest of the week.

Thanks to all the Team CMT members competing this weekend. I appreciate every member out there working to raise awareness of Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disorder.

Chris Wodke
Founder & Manager Team CMT

Team CMT is a group of athletes and supporters working to raise awareness and to find a cure for CMT. We have almost 100 members in 17 states. If you wish to join us visit our web site.

CMT or Charcot-Marie-Tooth is the most commonly inherited peripheral neuropathy. It affects over 155,000 Americans (as many as MS).  It is a disease of the nerves that control the muscles. It is slowly progressive, causing loss of normal function and or sensation in the lower legs/feet and arms/hands.

Symptoms include; muscle wasting in the lower legs and feet leading to foot drop, poor balance and gait problems Atrophy in the hands causes difficulty with manual dexterity.

Structural foot deformities such as high arches and hammer toes are common.

Poor tolerance for cool or cold temperatures and many people have chronically cold hands and feet.

Additional symptoms may include fatigue, sleep apnea, breathing difficulties and hearing loss.

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